Skype App for Android with Possible Threats

By on April 17, 2011

Big security breach recently was found in Skype app for Android that let other apps to access data on your phone. Keep reading to discover what you need to do in this situation.

Nature of Problem

According to, the malicious app gathers all of your personal data to further share it with others. This security proneness can get information like Skype username, contacts detail, profile information and messages logs. This is not it your other highly sensitive data like Account balance ,your name , DOB, email addresses , phone numbers , biography and much more can easily be compromised. further clarified that Skype wrongly missed to secure these files that not only let anyone or apps to read your personal information but also are unencrypted.

Suppose you unintentionally download some malicious app your data within phone can be accessed without your consent although information about credit cards is safe but still you can envisage other information at brink of being compromised.

Apps that are affected

Well reported about Skype Video app is missing necessary permission when they tested leaked version. Not only this, standard Skype app for android also presents same threats.

How can anyone protect themselves?

As of now the Skype is working on this app to protect it but from now on all users are advised to not download any unknown app on their phones

Now the question arises how a layman can differentiate between malicious and protected apps. Well it is very hard to tell but you can follow the steps below to find out:

  • Do not rely on User Review only for App but to verify it by research like who is the developer of this app and its credibility.
  • While installing app you will see lot of on screen option to select that will access various information within your phone so read it carefully and select those that are necessary.
  • If any app while installing or removing asks for some special permissions don’t do it.
  • You can also check the access of any app that you already installed by going to Setting > Applications—as most android follow the same hierarchy
  • You are also suggested to install an app for mobile security for instance Lookout Mobile Security app

I hope by following these precautionary measures will secure your data on Android smartphone that happened due to Skype app for android.



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