Remote iPhone Unlock using IMEI number

By on April 24, 2011

Since 2007 when first iPhone was launched Unlock iPhone become a profit able business. Although Apple went hard on all such individuals or companies but the fact remain, they unable to stop them .A new term IMEI unlocking iPhone recently been inducted in this business that let the user to get their iPhone unlock remotely.

What is IMEI unlocking?

When you get your unlocked iPhone from official carrier they add IMEI number of phone in their whitelist and your iPhone can operate on any GMS network worldwide.

What is CutYourSim?

CutYourSim is a company that offers remote unlocking iPhone facility to users. Basically they asked user to provide them IMEI number of their phones and company manually add this number to the respective whitelist of carrier. Now the questions are how could carrier allow them to do this or are they have some connection there to do the changes? Well at the moment company charging $169.99 per unlock and we are still in search of answers.

At this point of time CutYourSim did almost 400 remote unlock on iPhones but stoppage from their supplier company is not taking any further orders for remote unlocks. They refunded to all their customers who have paid before the stoppage of service .it’s not evident that company will start doing business again or not. But at the moment it seems they will not!

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