iOS 5 hidden J2 Code , A hint for Apple iPad 3

By on November 24, 2011

There are some doubts about next-generation iPad called iPad 3 but still nothing solid surfaced yet. Recently release of iOS 5 open new doors to dig hidden plans of Apple in this regards. Some guys at popular blog explore some hidden code within iOS 5 that let them believe about iPad 3 as Apple’s next product.

As of now Apple is no more ordering iPad 2 display which means there is hardly any possibility of iPad 2 expansion.  On the other hand iPad 3 presume to be much thinner and bigger in screen size. While some Apple lover find hidden codename called J2 in iOS 5 that according to them could be of Retina Display of iPad 3. Similar reports was also emerged by Digitimes that says:

“Since Apple demands that the new iPad model will need to be thinner than the iPad 2, while raising the machine’s screen resolution to 2048 by 1536, upstream component makers have been working aggressively to adjust the device’s LED and panel module designs to satisfy these demands, but the work has affected the launch schedule for the new tablet PC. Apple is currently giving two tablet PC projects codenamed J1 and J2 to its upstream partners for development. The sources revealed that the major differences of the new tablet PCs compared to the previous model are their size, specifications and technologies.”

So the thing is Apple could use any of J1 and J2 enabled modeled but chances are iPad 3 will be based on J2. The reason behind this notion is due to no basis of J1 found in iOS 5 in recent findings.

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